Our policy for bookings with Cascadia Cruiser

In order for our rolling community to function in the most fun way possible, there are a few basic rules that apply to all passengers. Below is our policy for conduct onboard our buses:

~ Cascadia Cruiser Code of Conduct ~

  • Violence and hostility are not tolerated on our buses (be this physical or verbal)!

We are here to have fun and any bad vibes or bad moods should be left at the door. You will be asked to leave and not refunded anything.

  • Please treat the buses, their equipment, the drivers, the hosts, the world outside the buses, and the other guests with respect.

If not, you will sadly be asked to leave and held responsible for any and all damages.

  • No smoking! No drugs!

If you must smoke, do it outside.  Hence, cigarette smoking in the bus will result in a $100 fine. 

  • Don’t make a big mess.

It’s gross and we have to stay way longer to clean it up. As a result, we will pass that pain onto you with a $200 fee. Ouch!

  • If have too much too fast, or are not feeling well, let your driver know.

There are sick bags on board and available on all buses.  If you get sick on the bus and we have to clean it up, you will be asked to leave and you will be charged a $200 cleanup fee.  Furthermore, our drivers and hosts have the right to remove anyone who is too intoxicated.  We can all agree that getting thrown up on is a bummer and smells bad.

  • Our buses are moving vehicles and can stop suddenly.

Consequently, you move around on the bus at your own risk. A safe rule to go by is to have one hand for you and one hand for the bus.

  • We take good care of our buses and we plan to have the best time possible, but the unexpected happens.

Therefore, Cascadia Cruiser is not liable for vehicle breakdowns, accidents, weather, traffic or anything that might cause delays or a cancellation. We promise to do our best to create a super awesome experience, get you to where you need to go, and most certainly give you a great story to tell. Canceled trips will be re-booked.


You book a party bus to travel responsibly with your friends, family and co-workers. Please remember that when the festivities conclude. We have many friends who drive cabs and are more than happy to help organize rides for anyone who needs it. We love our customers!


Cascadia Cruiser will cancel the trip or eject you for not following these rules. We all know how to celebrate responsibly. If you don’t agree to these rules then you are probably not fun and shouldn’t be on Sasquatch or Pegasus anyways. Whew, now that we are all on the same page, LET’S CRUISE CASCADIA STYLE!!!